2 Gallon Gamma Seal Lid

Quantity 12 @ $3.75 each

Call 319-647-8383 for a complete quote

2 Gallon Gamma Seal Lid<p>Quantity 12 @ $3.75 each<p>Call 319-647-8383 for a complete quote
Item# GA2122E
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Product Description

Gamma Seal™ Makes Pails Reusable Creates leak-proof, airtight storage container Easy-on, easy-off screw top cover

White covers are FDA Compliant Food Grade

Pails sold separately.

**colors aren't a perfect color match to the pail colors**

Unique adapter ring with rubber gaskets snaps on to a pail like a conventional cover.

Gamma Seal ™ cover screws into adapter ring.,P> Inner gasket in cover provides an airtight seal.

Shipping to the East coast and West coast can average $1.00-$1.50 per pail unit for small box orders.